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An introduction

Iljo de Keijzer

My name is Iljo de Keijzer. A few years ago, God opened my eyes to see the many people in the world that have never heard of God. I explored possibilities for me in the area of mission. Not an easy job for somebody who studied Organic Chemistry! I did my Bachelor degree in Theology and in Education in The Netherlands and a short mission course at Recliffe College, England. All this to be able to full time serve as a missionary to help spread the best News we can hear about Jesus to all parts of the world.

In February 2005, via the GZB and OMF, I was sent to the Philippines by my home church in Wageningen, The Netherlands, and was supported by many others. I am serving here in provincial church planting teams as trainer for pastors and lay workers.

You can read the latest news from the Philippines in my newsletters.