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What is my work

Since January 2009 I am working as Assistant National Director of ACTS (ABCCOP Christian Theological School). A form of TEE (Theological Education by Extension) for Pastors and Christian Workers in remote provinces. Usually they cannot make it to Bible School, because they are too far away. And often if someone is being sponsored to study in the city, after 4—5 years they do not want to go home again to their poor province, and stay in Manila to get a better salary. ACTS has already produced many fruitful, faithful pastors and workers over the years.

Within Metro-Manila there are several schools under the poor people. Also they struggle in institutional Bible School (they are expensive, use English and require you to have finished High school). ACTS uses zeroxed material produced by teacher, uses local dialect and accept all that can follow the level of training. There is also a centre under the higher educated class. They often want to serve the church, want to learn more about Gods Word, but are busy during weekdays with their work. Other schools are located 4—16 hours from Manila. The teachers making their own material makes it easy adaptable to the different schools. Usually the class is once a month, to make it not too heavy for full-time working people. They get assignments to submit the next month. In 4 years they can get a diploma in Christian Ministries (equal to 2 years of college)

For this work I am on loan to ABCCOP. The program has grown so much that the person in charge could no longer cope. Central administration needs to be reorganised, more teachers trained, etc. This will with your support be my work the coming years, besides teaching. Afterward we can hopefully fully entrust this excellent program into the hands of our Filipino brothers and sisters.

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